Section 1: Overview

The BVOA Vision 2020 is a strategic plan document for the Bertram Village Owners Association. Vision 2020 is intended to provide the BVOA Board of Directors, General Managers, and their successors, with a leadership tool to ensure the sustainable growth and enhancement of Bertram Village's strategic position, which is:

“An effective balance of a wide variety of high quality natural and man-made resort lifestyle amenities that appeal to newlyweds, vacationers, families, retirees, conventioneers, and investors, delivered at a reasonable cost."

The BVOA Vision 2020 document consists of five sections -

- Section 1: Overview
- Section 2: The Strategic Planning Process and Definition of Terms
- Section 3: Bertram Village Foundational Statements
- Section 4: Bertram Village's Strategic Position
- Section 5: Major Objectives and Related Goals for Year 2020 Goals



Section 2: The Strategic Planning Process and Definition of Term

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Section 3: Bertram Village Foundational Statements

A. BVOA Mission (why we exist, our purpose as an association):

“Bertram Village provides a secluded tropical lifestyle where an oasis becomes your reality. Newlyweds, vacationers, and retirees savor the luxury of ultimate freedom.”

B. BVOA Values (our core beliefs that guide our daily actions and decisions as a community):

1) Protecting the environment
2) Enriching the quality of life for the people of the island
3) Maintaining a premier, self contained, resort community
4) Ensuring a safe and secure environment for tourists and families
5) Protecting rental values
6) Ensuring long term financial stability

C. Bertram Village Vision 2020 (our compelling picture of what we intend that Bertram Village will be in the year 2020 as characterized by):

1) Its preserved natural beauty
2) Its desirability as a place to adventure and relax in one place
3) Its dedication topromoting a lifestyle of health and wellness
4) Its commitment to safety for vacationers and residents and employees
5) Its maximization of investment potential
6) Its commitment to long term sustainability
7) Its focus on high quality and dependable and visually appealing infrastructure


Section 4: Bertram Village's Strategic Position

Bertram Village offers specific attractions and amenities that are crucial to growing and maintaining our overall strategic position in the market. These unique features give BVOA the greatest ability to influence the tourism market. They will guide decisions on the amount of investment that will be allocated to maintaining them at a level of incomparable quality.

1. Being fully committed to the preservation, maintenance, and cleanliness of the island, ocean, and beaches.

2. Developing and maintaining the quality of Bertram Village's man-made attractions and activities, including:

A) Private Beaches
B) Bike and Walking Paths
C) Golf Course
D) Parks and Recreational Areas
E) Pools and Spas
F) Workout facility
G) Open Ocean Aquarium - Artificial Coral Reef
H) Dolphin Viewing Area
I) Ancient Artifacts including Caves and Shipwrecks
J) Convention Facilities
K) Destination Wedding Services
L) Retail Shops
M) Rental Hubs with Instructor and/or Guide Services
N) Family and Fine Dining

3. Developing and maintaining a profitable and balanced relationship with local businesses and Gaudet Associates, the Florida based resort development and management corporation

4. Implementing HOA/BVOA standards to maintain a profitable and sustainable relationship with both local business, and residential/investment property owners

5. Implementing Bi-Laws and Regulations to ensure enforcement of HOA/BVOA standards

6. Efficient and sufficient funding of local security, police, fire, and medical services

7. Managing growth and tourism to not exceed supplies or maintenance



Section 5: Major Objectives and Goals for Year 2020

Four major objectives BVOA intends to achieve by the year 2020 include:

1. Completion of Master Plans for ALL Phases of Bertram Village - A Census Designated Community

2. A well designed Company Structure and Board of Directors. Effective planning for execution of outlined duties, expectations, and deadline requirements.

3. An enjoyable, memorable, and safe experience for guests, retirees and employees.

4. A community dedicated to protecting the natural beauty and health of the island and ocean

The completion of the objectives, measurable goals and benchmarks will be established and continually monitored according to current economic issues and resources available at that time.

The BVOA Board of Directors and General Managers will develop strategic plans to create goals for the upcoming year and coordinate resources for their implementation.

Goals and plans are intended to be a consistent representation of Bertram Village's four Major Objectives, Strategic Position and Mission.