Investment Opportunities

Join the Bertram Village family by owning your own vacation get-away or primary residence.  Stay all day or all year, but why stop there when you can stay for the rest of your life!  

We are currently drafting proposals for those who would like to own a slice of heaven for themselves.  Proposals offered include:

1)  An over-sized 1/4 acre lot, which comes with a 50 year renewable lease, for you to build your own permanent bungalow located in the area designated, Bungalow Cove. Lots are currently available for $49,900 with bungalows starting at $60,000. We have 3 bungalow floor plans for you to choose from, as well as a selection of upgrades to meet your specific needs and wants.  You can have a turn key island vacation home for less than $110,000! But you must act fast! This introductory low price is temporary and will expire as demand increases and development begins. Also, see below for income property opportunities!

2)  A parcel of land, 1/2+ acre(s), which comes with a 50 year renewable lease for you to build your primary or secondary residence, located in our residential area. These properties are available for you to build your own custom beach house. You have the choice of using one of our pre-approved building plans or using our local architect to have your specific plans approved. Lots starting at $100,000. This also comes with income opportunity options included as well.

3)  For serious investors, we are making parcels of land available to you, *lease free for 25 years, to build your restaurant, hotel, and/or strip mall for retail shops. We are looking for retail stores, restaurants, service industry businesses, gas stations, hotels and residential properties. Please contact us to see available locations and business opportunities.


For options 1 and 2, we make our rental pool program available to you if you would like your bungalow or second home to bring in a financial return when you are not personally using your accommodations.   For a percentage of the vacation rental fee, we will manage all guest reservations and provide housekeeping services for guests staying in your bungalow. This will allow you to not only have a home away from home, but a home that will also be an income generating property!