Eleuthera, Bahamas


Bertram Village will be a 6000 acre planned community with leased ownership of real property in Eleuthera, Bahamas.


To include but not limited to;

• Single family homes

• Townhomes

• Condominiums

• Multi-family units

• Hotels

• Light industrial for commercial/manufacturing use

• Professional centers for small businesses

• Shopping centers - offering long term scaled community development

• Public service and Medical facilities


Each investment will be designed and executed in cooperation with, and guidance by, the Bahamas Commonage Committee (BCC) and Bahamas Investment Authority (BIA). We are providing our customers with a unique opportunity to invest in the Bahamas. The development of Bertram Village, the aforementioned acreage community, is intended to create a premier permanent residence and vacation location. Focused on cutting edge health and wellness accommodations, Bertram Village will offer investors and tourist the chance to experience the ultimate Caribbean getaway. A family friendly community with exclusive access to leading technological and medical advancements. 

Bertram Village will be sustained by public and private business ownership. Our customers will be long term investors, both locally and internationally. We are building a team of professionals who have the knowledge and resources to invest in the development of a planned residential and business community. We are currently offering lease free agreements on land for commercial development. Our goal is to motivate elite businesses from all over the world to be part of this life changing project.

  With our design, Bertram Village will forever improve the entire Bahamian economy. Not only do we intend to provide thousands of high quality jobs and educational scholarships, we are working with local government to guarantee that the Commonwealth Fund is a key part of our business model. Designed by the first Prime Minister, Minister Pindling, the Commonwealth Fund was intended to provide all Bahamians with a percentage of profits generated from natural resources. The success of Bertram Village will be passed to those who deserve it most, the Bahamians.